Tree Removal Tips in Las Vegas

There are specific reasons that you might need to have a tree removal service here in Las Vegas.  I personally see trees that need to be removed almost daily.  I think that it is from landscaping companies that had no idea about the possible growth of the tree once it was mature.  They didn’t seem to understand the space that they were planting the tree and the possible effects that could happen once it was fully grown.  One of the most common reasons that I can see there should be tree removal is when a sidewalk is uneven and dangerous to walk on.  This most likely means that there is a large tree root that has grown underneath the sidewalk and now affecting the level of the area.  I see this in driveways as well.  You definitely want to hire a professional tree removal service here in Las Vegas to take care of issues like that.  If someone was to fall due to your not maintaining your property, you could be liable and they can go after your home owner insurance for pain and suffering.tree removal las vegas

Another major reason that you would need to hire a professional tree removal service is for a large dead tree.  It doesn’t seem like it would happen but trees just don’t live forever.  Older, decayed trees can be a huge problem for a property owner.  They can also spread their diseases to other trees that are near them.  Sometimes, a tree removal service will be able to remove the decayed areas of the tree and actually save the rest of it.  This is always a plus since it is costly to replace trees and you won’t be able to find one the same size as the one that was removed.  I recently had a tree in front of my condo scheduled to be removed by our HOA tree removal service.  I literally waited for the service to show up so I could show them that the tree in fact did not need to be removed.  It simply just needed the dead branches cut off so that it could continue to grow.

Tree removal services come in handy especially when there has been a storm in the area.  Our winds here in Las Vegas can really gust up to even hurricane levels especially during our summer monsoon season.  Our desert valley can create a sort of tunnel that just lets the winds howl.  Emergency tree removal services are out everywhere after a storm here in the valley.  I’ve seen trees that have actually been uprooted and fallen into houses where people were living.  The storms can also cause trees to blow into nearby power lines.  This is when it is extremely important that a professional tree removal service be called to take care of the dangerous situation.  Never go near a fallen tree as you never know what else could be a danger in the area.las vegas tree removal

If you’re looking for a recommendation for a 24 hour professional tree removal service, I can say that I’ve used Las Vegas Palm Tree Pros and they are excellent.  They respond to our calls within an hour for emergency services and they clean everything up and haul it all away.  No mess or extra cash out of our pocket to have the tree disposed of.  And by the way, they also do an outstanding job on palm tree trimming.  They are super affordable and if you need a there service you should give them a call.

Sometimes after you have had a tree removed that had fallen into your home you can find things that are a total surprise.  In older homes, you may even find asbestos.  Here’s an interesting article to check out if that’s the case.

Asbestos Abatement Las Vegas

Warning signs that you may have been exposed to asbestos are different in every individual.  Some individuals will experience all of the warning signs where others just simply have one or two issues.  These warning signs include shortness of breath, swollen fingertips, fatigue, wheezing and a persistent dry cough.  If your property is older and you’ve recently started to experience any of these symptoms it would be very important to reach out to your local asbestos abatement Las Vegas team. asbestos abatement las vegas

Asbestos abatement is an extreme process that is typically handled by teams that remove hazardous waste and other dangerous items.  The asbestos abatement Las Vegas teams over at Las Vegas Environmental Pros are highly trained and hold all the required certificates that are required by local government agencies.  They have been in the asbestos abatement industry for over 30 years and we highly recommend their services.

One way that you can determine that your property may contain asbestos is by knowing the year your property was built.  Most homes that were constructed prior to 1980 contained some type of asbestos and will require the asbestos abatement process.  Items that can possibly contain the dangerous material are roof shingles, flashing around the roof, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, insulation (especially around water heaters, pipes, ducts, fireplaces and sheeting).  Asbestos can also be found in pipe cement that is used to attach pipes and joint compound that is used in attaching pieces of sheetrock.  The asbestos abatement Las Vegas teams are well aware of what to look for and how to identify the substance.las vegas asbestos abatement

I’m forever saying that if all these homes here in Las Vegas that were built before 1980 have all of the items above within them that we should have a huge asbestos problem.  However, the asbestos is truly only dangerous if it is disturbed and then becomes airborne.  Let me give you some examples of how the asbestos can become airborne.  If you have sprayed insulation in your attic to protect your home from extreme heat and have a roof repair that needs to be done, you could very well disturb the asbestos.  Once the asbestos is disturbed it then can go airborne and become extremely dangerous to all that are exposed.  Asbestos abatement teams would then need to be called upon to remove the deadly substance.

The asbestos abatement Las Vegas teams are careful to select precise samples of fibers to get them tested by the appropriate laboratories.  Just completing a visual inspection to determine if there is a presence of asbestos is simply not satisfactory.  Other testing that is done in the asbestos abatement process are PLM (Polarized Light Microscopy) and TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy).  These are two methods that are approved to conduct the analysis.  There is a specific agency that maintains the official list of certified labs that are able to perform the TEM and PLM analysis.  The agency that keeps that list nationwide is the National Institute for Standards and Technology.las vegas asbestos remediation

Remember, if there is any suspicions that your property may contain asbestos or if any residents that occupy the property are showing any possible danger signs you need to contact an asbestos abatement professional team.  The professional asbestos abatement Las Vegas teams will work fast and safely to remove the dangerous and deadly substance.  They specialize in both residential and commercial projects.