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Uses of revolutionary oscillating multi-tool to tackle all tasks at ease

Oscillating Multi-Tool is the most convenient tools for performing a variety of chores such as cutting, scraping, sanding, trimming wood or plastic and polishing plastic, metals, bricks, wood, concrete and so on.

It is a wonder tool designed in 1967 by Dutch company Fein, and the plastic caster is the 1st tool manufactured by them. The plastic caster tool is capable of cutting any hard cast with exactness and control preventing any injury or damage.

Later nearly after twenty years, Fein created the sanding tool, this tool was helpful in doing easily different tasks, and this progress led him to invent more models of oscillating multi-tool as available in the market today.

What is the correct oscillating movement- how it works?

You need to operate the Oscillating multi-tool in a side to side movement. You can feel the vibrations when you are working with it since it has very slight oscillation about 3 degrees and also has nearly 20000 strokes per minute which are too fast. You can also operate this tool with sanding pads and scrapers. To know what is the best oscillating tool read on

Uses of oscillating multi-tool:

Trimming door casing:

Without the help of repairman, you can trim door or jambs bottom ends quickly by using an oscillating multi-tool. For this, you need to attach a flush cutting wood blade and place your new flooring such that it is close to the door casing and the turn it upside and down this prevents scratching of the floor.

Smoothing sand wood:

You can find different sanding attachment in the oscillating multi-tool kit, use it for wood fillers, clear topcoat finishing and smoothing wood. The large triangle shaped pad is one of the most popular sanding accessories used to smooth board and flat surfaces. For rigid corners and tapered crevices sanding you can use the thin, pointed sanding fingers.

Grout Removal:

The Oscillating multi-tool can efficiently be used to chew up the getting on grout in between tiles. It can also be used for tedious works so that you can prevent the tiles damage. For removing the grout, you need to use the provided carbide blade or diamond blade of 1/16-in and 1/18-in thickness.

Cutting Plumbing pipelines:

The Oscillating multi-tool is useful in cutting or slicing the plastic, copper or old galvanized metal pipes faster but you need to fit the right blade for this purpose. You can work using this tool in tight places such as behind walls, under floors, cabinets and in ceilings at any angles you can use this as this device is compact.

Room moldings salvage:

By using the Oscillating multi-tool, you can safely remove the room trim, baseboard, door casting, and windows. Use the metal cutting blade such be attached to the tool to slice the dried paints and old caulking.

Remove or clean Gunk:

After construction, you can find the gunk or dry building cement patches on the floor. The Oscillating multi-tool can be used to clean away the floor there is no need of hours hard work on knees to remove it with a knife. Use the scraper blade for this purpose so that you can easily slice it off.


The Oscillating multi-tool is best to reduce your stress and strain, forget about the old methods and tool and order the best Oscillating multi-tool to ease your work.

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