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Building Your New Rental Property to Cater to the Average Vegas Tourist

There might not be a more unique and diverse city in all of the United States than Las Vegas. Everything from middle-class working, suburban families to multi-millionaire businessmen and more. However, the thing Vegas is known for most is to get away. It might just be a night, or it could be a full vacation, regardless, all the people who come to Vegas and don’t live there, need a place to stay. Nowadays, its becoming a lot more affordable and popular to book private accommodations, rather than stay in a casino hotel. If you are thinking of building a Vegas rental property, here are some things to consider.

  • Easy and Safe Transportation at All Times

Getting around Vegas isn’t necessarily hard, but you don’t want to do it if you’ve been drinking or are in a hurry. There are always taxis, but to give your guests the VIP treatment, talk to local car services and see if you can work out a deal with them. This will provide a feel of more luxury, yet accomplish the same thing. Even if it is just one or two drivers, they could make a good profits from just your guests, and you’ll be known as the responsible host.

  • Amenities

By far, one of the biggest draws to the casino hotels, is the access to their pool and bar. If you want to attract the same kind of guests, build your property with a pool. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive and extravagant, just somewhere to cool off in the hot summer months. You could consider a jacuzzi, but the electricity and maintenance probably isn’t worth it for such a hot climate. As far as the bar, you can include in your rental price a stocked bar, or provide it at an extra cost. Remember to NEVER allow glass in the pool area, so keep it well stocked with plastic cups and only beer cans!

  • Connections for Show Tickets

Arguably, other than gambling, the second best thing to do in Vegas is see the amazing shows. If you can establish connections with someone who gets discounts or priority to high demand shows, it will give potential guests a reason to book your place. Sometimes people go to Vegas and never even get to see one show. Once you have a connection, be sure to let people know so they don’t waste money buying from a secondhand source. Also, you want the credit with your connection. If they are planning to go to shows, you could even offer to provide formal attire so they don’t need to pack it. Get a few different nice combinations from Charles Tyrwhitt, leave them clean in the closet and ask guests to take care of them. Get different sizes to make sure you have something for everyone.

When in Vegas, there is only so much to do. If you have guests staying longer than a few nights, tell them about a few of your own personal, local favorite activities. Maybe there is certain buffet you like most, a part of town they should see but don’t know about, or simply your favorite, non-tourist place to get a drink. Guests are always open to hearing about the more unknown special spots from locals.